A Framework to Secure cloud Data Server Information Using Data Obfuscation

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Juli Chaudhari
Jayesh Mevada


Cloud computing provide an high amount of virtual storage to the user. Cloud storage mainly help to small and medium scale industries to reduce their investment and maintenance of storage server. Users’ data are sent to the cloud is to be stored in the public cloud environment. Data stored in the cloud storage might combine with other users’ data. So, the issue about Security of cloud storage is ensured through confidentiality parameter. To ensure the confidentiality, the most common used technique is encryption. But encryption alone doesn’t give maximum protection to the data in the cloud storage. To have efficient cloud storage confidentiality, this paper uses encryption and obfuscation as two different techniques to protect the data in the cloud storage. Obfuscation is same like encryption. Obfuscation is a process which disguises illegal users by implementing a particular mathematical function or using programming techniques. Obfuscation can be applied to a numeric type of data. Applying encryption and obfuscation techniques on the cloud data will provide more protection against unauthorized usage. Confidentiality could be achieved with a combination of encryption and obfuscation. The proposed scheme, guarantees along with encryption, obfuscation technique is used to increase the confidentiality of data and also provide the right management .where the users data is secure on the server. We hope this paper will help quality analyst in pulling data, is secure to store in the cloud storage with more accuracy with higher speed and verify content by preserving privacy.


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Juli Chaudhari, and Jayesh Mevada. “A Framework to Secure Cloud Data Server Information Using Data Obfuscation”. Technix International Journal for Engineering Research, vol. 2, no. 8, Aug. 2015, pp. 136-40, https://tijer.org/index.php/tijer/article/view/90.
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