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Trupti Patel


In recent years, cloud computing services have become a must in our daily lives. Cloud computing is a hub of various server and many database to store data. cloud computing provide many services to user which is reliable ,efficient and low cost. As it is internet based technology security becomes a big issue to the cloud data. Due to storing data on cloud there is an issue of data security, integrity and confidentiality. The main problem is that existing systems and/or programs usually have some unknown issues and can be attacked by some unauthorized persons in some unexpected ways. To solve the problem, at least partially, we have proposed a new steganography protocol for improving information security in cloud storage services. Initial analysis shows that the new protocol is very secure. This paper formulates the protocol in a more formal way, so that based on the formulation, we can find possible weak points more easily, and make the protocol more practically useful.


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Trupti Patel, and juikhamar. “A SURVEY: AN APPROACH TO SECURELY SHARE INFORMATIONIN CLOUD USING STEGANOGRAPHY TECHNIQUE”. Technix International Journal for Engineering Research, vol. 2, no. 5, May 2015, pp. 119-21, https://tijer.org/index.php/tijer/article/view/88.
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