Security Issues in Cloud Computing-Secure and Distributed Data Storage

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ChintanKumar Patel


The cloud computing is next generation architecture of an IT industry which provides services on demand through Internet. In contrast to the traditional approach where services are under proper physical, logical and personal controls cloud computing moves application, software and database to the large data center where the management of the data and services may not be fully trust worthy as customer are not allowed to monitor the under-laying physical infrastructure. Cloud infrastructure spans across the world, and it’s not visible to user so that many users hesitate to migrate to cloud. That’s why it is essential to provide data security at storage level, so that user cans efficiently stores data in cloud which will improve trust of user in cloud. As data security issue is very crucial issue. So that user can find out most efficient one for their data storage. This will improve data storage efficiency and user trust in cloud. So data integrity is main problem over here so that here some encryption method like DES Algorithm to encrypt data for storage will apply to data which user want to upload over cloud. Here data file will be splitted in parts after that splitted, parts will be encrypted and it is uploading to the cloud storage.


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