Prudence: A Budgeting Solution Using Energy Management System in Smart Homes

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Ammu Soman
Adheena Reji
Adil Shaj
Shinto Sebastian


In the last decades, energy and energy management has grown as an important research area worldwide. Electricity is one of the most used energy sources in homes. Each household spends a considerable amount of money on electricity consumption every year. Effective energy usage at the residential side is a huge potential for energy saving and power load balancing. Monitoring and controlling applications and innovative metering methodologies through smart wireless devices are becoming increasingly important. It is necessary for someone who follows a budget to know how much electricity is consumed by each appliance and make sure the monthly charges does not exceed the spending limit. Demand Response (DR) is an important measure to manage energy from the residents’ side. In such an approach, energy consumption can be significantly reduced by making people aware of their behaviour as energy consumers. The consumer should also know when an appliance consumes more power than it should, due to possible faults. The proposed project is a Home Energy Monitoring and Managing System which uses smart sockets to obtain the energy consumption and appliance information on an Android application where the user can manage and set limits to energy usage.


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Soman, A., A. Reji, A. Shaj, and S. Sebastian. “Prudence: A Budgeting Solution Using Energy Management System in Smart Homes”. Technix International Journal for Engineering Research, vol. 9, no. 8, Aug. 2022, pp. 40-45,
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