Safety and Convenience Smart Jacket(SACO Jacket)

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Daya Rachel Thomas
Abhijith Girish
Jilson Jose
Ahajad Shamil Subair
Sreekala P


Travelling on road in countries like India can sometimes be very discomforting, dreadful due to multiple factors like varying extreme weather conditions, road conditions etc. especially for women and children considering the increased crime rates against them. Also more importantly it can be often unsafe owing to the poorly maintained roads and the heavy traffics with a vast number of reckless drivers. And most of the times these accidents turns out to be a tragedy taking lives because of delayed arrival of medical assistance. And it’s very unfortunate. Hence developing a system that can ensure good comfort and also safety by easily alerting the victim’s friends or family and the authorities in case of occurrence of an accident right away enabling proper medical assistance at the right time felt very necessary. It’s for serving that purpose the safety and convenience jacket is proposed. The jacket’s heating and cooling mechanism based on peltier modules maintains the comfort level for the user respective to the external weather conditions. The thermo-regulatory system is an IoT based system. It can be controlled and monitored real-time using an Android app. Also the accident alert system employed inside the jacket offers safety to the rider. It can pinpoint the users’ location and send it over to the assigned contacts/authorities whenever triggered. Also the jacket can act as a safety gadget for women when they are travelling alone or if they are someway subjected to harassment or abuse or end up in sketchy situations. This jacket can be manually triggered to alert family and friends and send SOS messages to necessary authorities along with the location. Also the buzzer attached to the system will go off alerting the people within a closer proximity. So this proposed system is a multi- utility gadget which can be very convenient and useful.


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Thomas, D. R., A. Girish, J. Jose, A. S. Subair, and Sreekala P. “Safety and Convenience Smart Jacket(SACO Jacket)”. Technix International Journal for Engineering Research, vol. 9, no. 8, Aug. 2022, pp. 32-39,
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