Long term effect of chemicals in cosmetics on Humans

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Dr. Gargee Yadav Yadav


People want to look beautiful, and the concept of cosmetics is as old as mankind and civilization. The desire to beautify one’s own body and look beautiful has been an urge in humans since the tribal days. Assorted beauty products such as skincare products, hair products, fragrances, oral hygiene, and nail products, which may contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to health are used especially by women. Since long time cosmetics have been known to enhance the appearance of the human body. In a society obsessed with beauty, people are lured to fake their appearance as a cure for their insecurities. The estimated value of cosmetic industry today is around 20 billion dollars globally. As a consumer, we are constantly attracted to using beauty and personal care products. But these products, which are supposed to make us feel healthy and look beautiful, have a deep dark side. Various toxic ingredients and hazardous chemicals used in cosmetics are incorporated in beyond acceptable limits. These chemicals may cause serious ill effects on skin and may also enter the skin and other organs causing carcinogenicity. Cosmetics have not only seeped into the fashion world but are also playing a prominent role in one’s day-to-day life. Thus, it becomes a necessity to make people aware of the various harmful effects of cosmetics and chemicals used in cosmetics.


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