Comparative Stress Analysis of Soil In Landslide Prone Area Of Posare Village in Ratnagiri District Of Western Ghat

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Mrs. Kalpana M Patil Patil
Dr. Ajit R Patil Patil
Mr. Mahesh S Hudekar Hudekar


The objective of this study is to make a comparative study of stresses generated in embankment as well as layers in the road pavement during heavy rains in western ghats with the efficient use geo-web in sub base and base course. Western ghat is one of the most sensitive area which is highly under the landslide prone zone during every rainy season. In this study we tried to identify different soil requirements in western ghat also analyzed the various research papers related to construction in western ghat whether it is related to road construction or whether any other construction.

As a study goes deeper multiple research paper indicates that pavement with geo-web in it has the more capacity to withhold large lateral flood pressure than the normal traditional pavements designs in Western Ghats. As a material concerning with the improvement of strength the Basalt fiber geomat is also a good option as we have seen in report of first paper mentioned here. This gives us clear ideas that there is a huge gap in stress analysis if we compare the base layers of standard pavements and pavements whose base layers are inclusive of geo web materials.


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MAHAJAN, A., M. K. M. P. Patil, D. A. R. P. Patil, and M. M. S. H. Hudekar. “Comparative Stress Analysis of Soil In Landslide Prone Area Of Posare Village in Ratnagiri District Of Western Ghat”. Technix International Journal for Engineering Research, vol. 9, no. 7, July 2022, pp. 27-29,
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