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K. Prathyusha


Millions of people are injured annually in vehicle accidents. Most traffic accidents are the result of carelessness, ignorance of the rules, and neglect of traffic signboards, both at the individual level by the drivers and the society at large. The magnitude of road accidents in India is alarming. This is evident from the fact that every hour there are about 56 accidents taking place similarly, every hour more than 14 deaths occur due to road accidents. When someone neglects to obey traffic signs, they are putting themselves at risk as well as other drivers, their passengers, and pedestrians. All the signs and signals help keep order in traffic and they also are designed to reduce the number and severity of traffic accidents. Some drivers believe that some traffic signs are simply not necessary.


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VALLABHAPURAPU, N. J., S. . SURA, P. CHERIPALLY, K. KONAMGERI, and K. Prathyusha. “The TRAFFIC SIGN BOARD RECOGNITION AND VOICE ALERT SYSTEM”. Technix International Journal for Engineering Research, vol. 9, no. 6, June 2022, pp. 128-32,
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