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Laya Raja T
Vamshi tirumalapudi
rakesh n
naveen b
uday E


This project is describing concept to provide security to IOT devices using Blockchain technology as this technology supports decentralized data storage which means data will be stored at multiple nodes compare to centralized storage where data is stored at single centralized server. Decentralized data storage provides facility of receiving data from any available node and it has strong security where a single data store will verify hash value of all nodes . To overcome from this problem it is introduce Sliding window technique where the window size will be fixed and all Blockchain transaction hash values will be stored in window and if window size exceeded then old transaction blocks  will be slided or removed and maintain only recent blocks due to this technique memory storage and data transfer overhead will be reduced.


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T, L. R., V. tirumalapudi, rakesh n, naveen b, and uday E. “SLIDING WINDOW BLOCKCHAIN ARCHITECTURE FOR IOT”. Technix International Journal for Engineering Research, vol. 9, no. 6, July 2022, pp. 133-6,
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