Paralysis Patient Health Care Monitoring System Using IoT

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Supriya Murarishetty
G.Dinesh Goud


The noble aim behind this project is to style a health care system which is able to be useful for unfit and mute individuals . A Dumb individual at some point of the planet uses gesture primarily based communication for the correspondence. The progression in established framework will provides a area to arrange and build up an interpreter framework to alter over the communication via gestures into discourse. As linguistic communication primarily employed by deaf however conjointly employed by those who will hear having drawback in speaking therefore the approach utilized in this analysis is vision primarily based. The glove uses square measure fitted with flex device in 3 dimensions to gather the information from each position of figure and hand motion to differentiate and distinguish every and each word from a specific sign. heart failure is that the major reason for death among each gender men and girls. However, its incidence can not be continually foreseeable. The most typical device wont to observe heart connected problemsis AN cardiogram machine that is reliable to traditional user, however isn't mobile enough to be used as a monitor for a heart patient endlessly. This project is to develop AN algorithmic program for police work a heart failure and if therefore, then to alert doctors, members of the family and emergency services .Hence here we tend to introduce a wise health care system which is able to pay attention of issues and want of unfit and mute individuals and can conjointly facilitate in detection of heart failure.


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Murarishetty, S., G.Dinesh Goud, M.Chinababu, and A.Jagadish. “Paralysis Patient Health Care Monitoring System Using IoT”. Technix International Journal for Engineering Research, vol. 9, no. 6, June 2022, pp. 59-62,
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