Theft Detection System

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Theft Detection System is a house safety technology that helps in alerting the owner of the house in case of robbery. With our busy lives, it is not possible to monitor it 24*7. Basically, this system is similar to a smart camera which will be able to detect any suspicious weapons or suspicious people entering the house. This system is capable of detecting people with inappropriate gestures or visiting at an unusual time and alerts the user via mail. This system is developed using the Image processing technique in which a dataset of weapons images is created first. Then, a model is built on the dataset using CNN which will be able to detect any weapons used during the robbery. This model is fed to the camera which will be able to alert the owner via mail. This system is further improved to also detect the people with suspicious face gestures like wearing masks that cover parts of the face. Based on the weapon detection and gestures of the guests visiting the guest, a score will be calculated. If the score is very high, an alarm sound is played which alerts the neighbors.


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