GPS Based Blood Bank System

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Parameshwari R
S.Sabana Afrin
M Indhuja
E.Muthu Shalini


In a real world, the blood donation system and blood banking system is increasing day by day. Although during the emergency time, the blood cannot be reached at a correct time because of unreachable the blood donor place. To solve the problem, GPS based Blood Bank System is developed as proposed method. GPS based Blood based Bank System is the mobile application which can developed in Android. This application first find out the location through the GPS values that is latitude and longitude values of the user location and the query input. The services are collected for all areas and gets stored in database. If the user requests for the blood, the system finds out the GPS values, compares with the database and find out limit area where the user location GPS values come under. The system also finds the other user’s location through GPS and search for the required Blood group. If the system finds the required blood group and their GPS values matches nearly with the user, then it displays donor’s current location to the user.


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R, P., S. Afrin, M. Indhuja, and E. Shalini. “GPS Based Blood Bank System”. Technix International Journal for Engineering Research, vol. 9, no. 6, June 2022, pp. 27-36,
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