An Android Based Language Translator Application

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N SweetySurya
C Babitha
M Janaki
P.Jasmine Anitta
S. Jerin


A language translator is a mobile application that can be utilized for translating from English to any other dialect, and vice versa. The problem of language difference has hindered effective information communication over the years. There have been difficulties in information communication amid countries over the years. In modern times, language interpreters must understand and speak both the language being translated to and vice-versa. This traditional approach used for solving the problem of language differences has not been productive and favorable. Also, the teaching of different languages can be difficult due to language difference problems. The individual will also have to be taught by a tutor who will incur extra expenses and may not be the most efficient and favorable method. Therefore, the study develops an android phone language converter app in order to make learning and language translation easy and facilitates stress-free communication. The proposed language translation uses ML(Machine Learning)Fire base kit with Java programming language to develop the application. This application can be useful for Tourists for communication purposes, thus allowing them to integrate with the local people and access the right information.The system will also be able to evaluate language translation to determine their suitability for everyday conversation given the fact that it is an android application one will always be willing to use their phone to learn, compared to having them on a computer or learning from a physical tutor when your phone can be your tutor.


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SweetySurya, N., C. Babitha, M. Janaki, P. Anitta, and S. Jerin. “An Android Based Language Translator Application”. Technix International Journal for Engineering Research, vol. 9, no. 6, June 2022, pp. 19-26,
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