Analyzing the effect of nozzle diameter in Fused Deposition Modeling using open source 3D printer

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Patel Kaushal
Assistant Prof. Amit Patel


This report provides brief information about advances that has been made in the past years in the field of Fused Deposition Method. Many open source research papers have been reviewed and complete perception has been taken in account that is covered in here. This field still under being research, a primarily focus only on specific objectives to be presented through research gap needs to be achieved by the end of this review. A short account is provided on the working related to 3D printer. The Process parameters described in various papers are noted and a brief description of their behavior with various properties has been given. The ASTM standards D638 and D780 are used For testing. The specimen were created using Tarantula 3D printer. The testing was carried out at ISO certified Institute „ALEKH Plastic Testing Center?. The observations and measurement of all related parameters is carried out and an optimal diameter of nozzle is derived which needs to be manufactured and test to compare results in future.


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Patel Kaushal, and Assistant Prof. Amit Patel. “Analyzing the Effect of Nozzle Diameter in Fused Deposition Modeling Using Open Source 3D Printer”. Technix International Journal for Engineering Research, vol. 5, no. 2, Feb. 2018, pp. 1-15,
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