“Job Scheduling algorithm in Cloud Computing” - A Survey

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Jasmine Jha


Cloud computing is latest technology which is very popular in days and it will continue in developing phase until computers and internet era is in existence. While deal with cloud computing a number of issues are there like heavy load or traffic while computation. Job scheduling is one of the salutation for these issues. It is the process of mapping task to available resource. The aim of job scheduling in cloud computing is achieving highly system throughput and to allocate different computing resources to applications. The Complexity of scheduling problem increases with the size of the task and becomes highly difficult to solve effectively. In this paper surveys the existing different type of job scheduling algorithms in cloud computing and summarized some method to improve the performance of job scheduling.


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NehaThaker, and Jasmine Jha. “‘Job Scheduling Algorithm in Cloud Computing’ - A Survey”. Technix International Journal for Engineering Research, vol. 1, no. 5, May 2014, pp. 107-9, https://tijer.org/index.php/tijer/article/view/114.
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