Efficiency Improvement of Dynamic Source Routing Protocol in MANET

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Nupur Gajjar
Prof. S.V.Patel


Mobile ad-hoc networks are based on the concept that "Each and every node participating into the network act both as Host and Router and must be willing to forward packet for the other nodes". The DSR is a simple and efficient routing protocol designed specifically for use of multi hop wireless ad hoc network of movable nodes. Due to the source routing characteristic of DSR, overhead is increased. Moreover, during the route discovery process, each node takes part in forwarding Route Request (RREQ) packet. Each node except the intended destination forwards the Route Reply (RREP) packet to create the route. Though, these RREPs increase the number of multiple paths to reach destination, they increase the control packet load of the network. In our topic we will modify the DSR to reduce the redundant RREPs and the control packet overhead and also to reduce broadcasting overhead, multicasting approach is used. The number of control packet is reduced, number of sent packet is also reduced. So there is less traffic in the network and delivery ratio is high.


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Nupur Gajjar, and Prof. S.V.Patel. “Efficiency Improvement of Dynamic Source Routing Protocol in MANET”. Technix International Journal for Engineering Research, vol. 1, no. 4, Apr. 2014, pp. 105-7, https://tijer.org/index.php/tijer/article/view/108.
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