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Solanki Vijaysinh G
Mevada Chiragkumar J
Chaudhary Jayeshkumar L
Darbar Rajendrasinh B


Heavy Metal & Tubes Ltd. Industry is labour intensive and faces tremendous labour and optimal problems, which challenge the quality of the product. Heavy Metal & Tubes Ltd. Industry has occupied a major section amongst all tubes industry. In today’s world, the role of Tube & Pipe can’t be ignored and these crucial products are manufactured by various methods likes, by pilgering process, by tube drawing process and so on. Actually when we are producing these pipes and tubes by pilgering process and it’s oblivious that pilgering is cold working process where high and enormous amount of forces are generating , and handling of these forces is quite periculous. So some disorderness might be there, and its consequences makes vibration, noise, inaccuracy and all, so our aim is to overcome these problems, and by using various process, somehow effects can be reduced like by damping or non damping process, by provide isolated material(rubber and synthetics ) and so on.In this project, efforts have been made to reduce the ill effects caused due to machine vibration problems along with the tubes and optimizing the process and trying to increase the overall efficiency.


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Solanki Vijaysinh G, Mevada Chiragkumar J, Chaudhary Jayeshkumar L, and Darbar Rajendrasinh B. “VIBRATION DEPRECIATION IN PILGER MILL”. Technix International Journal for Engineering Research, vol. 2, no. 11, Nov. 2015, pp. 104-11,
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