Techniques for Material Saving for Cellulose Acetate Composition Material Spectacle

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Spectacles are in use over the world since time immemorial. Generally people with weak eyesight use spectacles with different lenses but now a days with growing fashion consciousness the designer frames are getting place among celebrities and the youth. The frames may be manufactured from metal or plastic. With plastic technology development, the plastic frames of various designs have continue to capture the market regularly as compare to other frames. Among plastic materials, the Cellulose Acetate (CA) is most widely used plastic material in spectacle industry. In India most manufacturing units are in Maharashtra and Gujarat. More than 130 units are working in Gujarat. Industry has very good export potentials. The industry is rapidly growing and may touch to Rs. 43000 crore from RS. 20100 crore. About 75000 frames are being manufactured in Gujarat every day. A small piece of material saved for every piece of frame will add to sustainability of the industry. The present study was undertaken with broad objective of reduce material wastage and to get cost effective product. The methodology adopted to minimize the wastage of CA sheet was modification in blanking-inside cutting of plastic frame. The original inside cutting process had significant wastage of CA sheet. In the modified method the lower half part of the frame was cut into small pieces and these pieces are joined to the upper half portion of the frame using acetone to make a complete frame. These resulted in significant reduction in wastage of CA sheet.


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JINENDRA ASHWAR, RAJENDRASINH DARBAR, SHAILESH FOSHI, TARUN MAKWANA, and MAHIPAT RAJPUT. “Techniques for Material Saving for Cellulose Acetate Composition Material Spectacle”. Technix International Journal for Engineering Research, vol. 2, no. 11, Nov. 2015, pp. 101-3,
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